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Welcome to the world of Regatta Plus, where our passion for the sea meets unparalleled expertise in luxury yachting. At the heart of our identity is a commitment to excellence, an ethos embodied by our distinguished leaders and team members. Our story is one of passion, precision, and prestige, driven by a deep understanding of the yachting industry and an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional experiences. In this section, we invite you to discover the driving forces behind Regatta Plus, a team of seasoned professionals who make every sea journey extraordinary.

Navigating Excellence:
The People Behind Regatta Plus


Master of Maritime Excellence Gina, our esteemed leader, boasts extensive expertise in the Yachting Industry. Her notable track record as a development director ensures safety and seamless operations aboard and ashore.


Crafting Moments of Splendor Hailing from a yachting lineage, Kelly, a leader in concierge services, emphasizes meticulous planning to maintain tranquility for captains and pursers.